Here are the privacy policies associated with visiting this website.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a free piece of software provided by Google that grabs data about site visitors (you).  This tool is pretty much standard for new websites these days.

Google Analytics paints a blurry but helpful picture of who is visiting your site. It doesn’t gather any personally identifying data about users though. It records impersonal info that is only interesting as a number such as:

  • How long visitors stay on this website.
  • Which pages are viewed most.
  • If another website is pointing visitors to this site with a link.
  • What kind of computer operating systems visitors are using.
  • And quite a bit more.

The tracking information allows us to better understand what pages are appealing to visitors on our site, and what is uninteresting. This allows us to make better decisions about design and writing. It also lets us know what sort of system visitors are using to view the site, to make sure that our website is up-to-date for optimized viewing. Occasionally, we will run a report to see if people are hating or loving certain pages of the website, and other such things.  No personally identifying data is included in this type of reporting.

If you’d like to read Google’s Privacy Policy for Google Analytics you can find that here.